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We help bloggers use Airtable to build foundations for their business.

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We own and operate our own blogs too!


We come from a background in engineering.


We are experts in productivity and project mangement.

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We’ve started a blog and know the value of great online information. That's why our mission is to help other bloggers build business foundations and be empowered to create better content!


With our interactive guides and powerful templates, we help bloggers quickly build foundational tools to grow their website and become an Airtable master along the way!

Because learning Airtable isn’t just a way to solve your current problem, but a skill that will stand the test of time when your business has grown to extraordinary heights!


We provide simple Airtable courses that compliment powerful templates for a one time cost that is less than the monthly cost of most tools!
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You're in the Right Place...

Choosing platforms and software to help build your business can be hard.

At Base Simply we focus on building foundational templates that grow with your business.

It's not enough to grab the first product claiming to solve your problem. You know that choosing the right tool requires trust.

That's why we've committed to helping content creators grow their company on the most robust platforms.

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